So this week has been one of the biggest writing weeks I have had for a while and I’m loving it!  Through blood sweat, tears and sheer determination my advertising and self promotion is finally beginning to pay off and I have just scored more regular freelance work!

I really think that the quote” The more you write the better you get” is ringing true for me this week.  Writing my first few articles was an infuriating, self doubting experience and put me on the verge of a panic attack at times.  “Will they like it?” “Will they spot I’m a fraud”.  Negative comments running through my head.  Over analysing every word, paragraph and sentence for far too long.

But now as I gain regular pieces of work and clients are returning to me to deliver more writing projects I feel that I am writing more confidently than ever before.  I can write about a steak and ribs restaurant one night and the history of women in sport the next. I have learnt to relax my mind and my fingers travel smoothly over the keyboard.  I’m not sure quite how to describe it but it’s similar to when you stare at a magic eye picture, after a while it feels like a part of your brain switches and suddenly you can see the picture clearly.


Relax, breathe and the words will come!

I’m relishing the opportunity to write so regularly and wanted to share my tips and positive writing experiences with you!  If you are a writer who is struggling with writers block, as difficult as it sounds please don’t fight it.  You will just end up with many sleepless nights and empty wine bottles.  Trust yourself that the creativity and inspiration to write will appear again but make sure you write each and every day.  Be creative with your shopping list or note you leave for a loved one, add a flourish when you sign a greetings card and in time your writing will kick back into gear!