I saw a sign in a local sushi restaurant this weekend that really made me smile. In the front window, neatly cellotaped was a lovely little sign..

“Come, see our menu and enjoy our tasty culinary cousins”

Lovely. Why don’t all sushi shops have tasty culinary cousins! Just taking a punt here but I think they meant cuisine, although I could be wrong and missing out on one hell of a night.

I’ve seen a few brilliant examples in my time. In Thailand last year offered up on a menu were some tasty chicken nutkets and succulent fillet sterk. While in India a few years ago the welcome letter in my Mumbai hotel said that they “catered for all eggs”. Good for you Harbour India Hotel, don’t discriminate against those quail eggs because they are small and most people are ever so slightly nervous about eating them.

It’s mean to laugh. I shouldn’t laugh. These busy international workers have a greater knowledge of the English language than I ever will of their native language.

But, I just can’t help it!

www.Engrish.com has some real crackers.

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