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The Fast 800 Keto

From the multi-million-copy bestselling author Dr Michael Mosley comes the ground-breaking The Fast 800 Keto, a dynamic new weight-loss programme that combines a keto diet with low-calorie intermittent fasting. A keto diet - where you flip your metabolic switch, going from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel - leads to significant…
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Book Blast!

Book Blast! Meaningfull: 23 Life-changing stories of conquering dieting, weight, & body image issues

MEANINGFULL: 23 LIFE-CHANGING STORIES OF CONQUERING DIETING, WEIGHT, & BODY IMAGE ISSUES is a blend of motivational self-help, memoir, psychology, and health and wellness. Alli Spotts-De Lazzer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an expert in eating and body image issues, and a woman on the other side of her…
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