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A Field Guide To Britpop – Be prepared for some memories and anthems

A Field Guide to ... delves into music’s most influential genres to uncover the innovators and agitators who changed music history forever.  In A Field Guide to Britpop, Steve Wide explores a  scene fueled by north-south rivalries, tribal fashion and a good cup of tea. Uncover the artists and albums, the who’s…
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Coffee Table Books

Accidentally Wes Anderson – stunning coffee table book!

"Pastel colours, front-on facades, hyper-stylized uncanny symmetry: director Wes Anderson has a defined aesthetic. Once you've got your eye in, you can see it account, @AccidentallyWesAnderson, has found favour with an 'engaged group of explorers with a keen eye,' who send him thousands of submissions every week." The Guardian A visual…
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