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Love Your Sister – The Best And Worst Of Human Nature

Love Your Sister is the story of a brother and sister, Samuel and Connie Johnson. Samuel is a retired actor, who recently appeared back in the spotlight playing Molly Meldrum on Channel 7’s ‘Molly’ mini series. Connie is his sister, who is suffering from terminal cancer, and inspired Sam to…
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Another Great Cricket Bio Review By Guest Blogger Mr B! – Flintoff “Second Innings”

Another great cricket bio for you this week - this one from Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff. "Second Innings" covers not only his cricket career, but as the title suggests, his life after retiring from cricket in 2009. He tells his story with plenty of "northern" humour. In fact, if you read…
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Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing – My Blog Tour Review!

I firstly want to say that the back cover blurb didn’t match the book I found inside. My interpretation of the jacket led me to expect an Australian 'Eat Pray Love' with a pretentious woman in search of enlightenment who 'discovers' herself whilst meditating next to giant pineapples. I didn't find…
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