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Halloween Monsters – A Guide of Spooky Facts and Faces!

Spooky. Informative. Fun! Learn the facts and origins of famous Halloween Monsters. Each creature is formed with the objects that best represent them. Mummies, Vampires, Witches—discover several of the scariest and most iconic monsters that have been featured in the media, used as decorations and worn as costumes for decades. This…
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Author Interviews

Author of the Ronaldo series Maxine Sylvester shares her writing journey

I rarely read and review children's books, I usually leave that to guest poster Mr B! However, I appreciated author Maxine Sylvesters personalised, thoughtful email to me and once I saw the adorable illustrations of cheeky Ronaldo, I was in! Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher has a well-paced storyline, excitement,…
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