step back and leap

Step Back and Leap is an authentic, personal and raw series of stories that trace the author’s life
and challenges across 11 countries, 4 continents and 6 different industries. From being bullied as a
kid in Mexico, to flaming out in a startup destined for stardom in Silicon Valley. From starting a
company at age 47 in a foreign country to surviving a near-revolution in the streets of Santiago,

Each chapter recounts dramatic, real-life challenges Patrick faced and the 9 indispensable “keys” he
used to systematically overcome each challenge and reinvent himself.
But it doesn’t require a fortune, an MBA from a top school or having worked at Google to make
radical, profound changes in your life. Anyone can do it. With the right tools, support, perspective
and hard work.

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Step Back and LEAP lays out 9 proven keys to help you thrive in a world of constant change and
unlock your true self so you can live a life of purpose and meaning that is in line with your values.
Each key is supported by a series of proven, practical exercises which will help move you from
inspiration to action as you start to become the person you really want to be.

“What might be possible if you could live a life of purpose and meaning and become the best version
of yourself?”

Imagine the possibilities….

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