27 days political thriller

“A blisteringly taut page-turner with loads of engaging attitude plus blindside twists that Moore delivers with the authority of a pro investigator (he is) and the panache of a rock’n’roller (he is that too) who has spent years crawling through the brains of our top noirists from Hammett to Lehane and distilled the best they have to offer.”
– Michael D. Sellers, Award-winning Director of Eye of the Dolphin

A debut perfect for fans of Ross MacDonald, Dashiell Hammett, Dennis Lehane & James Lee Burke

LOS ANGELES, CA – Private investigator and author Patrick H. Moore is releasing his heart-pounding political thriller debut “27 Days” (Feb 6, 2023, Down & Out Books), which follows private investigator Nick Crane as he races against the clock to save his best friend from the powerful alt-right terrorist group that will spare no one to “Make America Safe Again.”

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27 Days is a taut, topical political thriller that blends noir with a dash of contemporary Western as it introduces us to veteran LA PI Nick Crane, “a throwback to the old-school, rough-and-tumble, tough-talking, quick-thinking, take-no-prisoners, PI,” (author Charles Salzberg). In the spring of 2019, Nick is on the run in the Pacific Northwest, pursued by a cabal of wealthy alt-right power brokers and domestic terrorists claiming to “Make America Safe Again”–at any cost. The terrorist group, “The Principles,” is led by Nick’s old enemy Marguerite Ferguson, who is out for his blood. When The Principles kidnap Nick’s friend and business partner Bobby Moore, Nick is informed that he has 27 days to surrender to Marguerite, and if he doesn’t, Bobby will be tortured and murdered. Help appears in the form of a young, idealistic female FBI agent named Carrie North who wants to arrest Marguerite for conspiring to commit domestic terrorist operations against the U.S.Nick and Carrie join forces and the race against time to rescue Bobby Moore begins. And what a race it is!

Who is Author Patrick Moore?

Patrick is a private investigator who has worked on over 500 drug trafficking, sex crime, violent crime and white-collar fraud cases over the course of his career. He founded and runs the All Things Crime Blog, which currently has over  3 million views.

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