In 1922, seventeen-year-old Raymond Calvert learns that his father, MIA since the Great War, was part of a secret government agency known as the TESLANAUTS. Led by the great inventor Nikola Tesla, a man who the world had assumed was laying low and in poverty, the organization uses advanced technology called volt-tech, modeled after Tesla’s experiments, which led the way for other volt-tech factions in countries all across the globe. 

After the horrors of the war, these factions have decided to remain in the shadows, with civilians remaining unaware of their existence. Once Raymond is recruited into the Teslanauts, he embarks on an adventure to find what happened to his father, hoping to finally fill that missing piece in his life. However, the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, through the contributions of a traitorous American benefactor, form a new volt-tech faction called the Oberschock Federation, and plan to enact revenge on the Allied Powers and regain the glory they had lost in the war. Raymond soon learns his father’s disappearance might have involved this aggressive and war-hungry new faction, and he and his new allies must stop them before they enact their plans to restart the war.

TESLANAUTS takes readers around the world in an exciting coming-of-age tale from New York City to Paris, Berchtesgaden, Zurich, Istanbul, and Iceland. For fans of Cherie Priests’ steampunk novels and lighthearted, fun YA books like Percy Jackson, this rollicking, adventurous science fiction-fantasy book will have you on the edge of your seat.

About Author Matthew Donald

After first winning a writing contest at age six, Matthew Donald made it his lifelong goal to write a bunch of books and release them upon the world. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2014 with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing, and he has published three sequels to Megazoic among some other projects. Teslanauts is his first steampunk, fantasy book and he is working on sequels. He lives in Centennial, Colorado with his cockatiel, Lyra.

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