Watch My Six is Prince E. Eyo’s first book, in which he unpacks his life stories in serial chucks throughout his life. First-generation Nigerian-American immigrant and DMV (Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia) native hones and showcases his writing abilities while sharing relatable personal experiences.

Watch My Six is a collection of short stories about Eyo’s personal experiences as a first-generation immigrant in America, as well as self-reflection on values and legacy. Eyo discusses love, race, identity, monetary value, friendships, self-improvement, moral values, mental health, technological advancements, as well as other topics. He describes the book as a “raw and vulnerable” look at his own life and the lives of those around him. You can now order Watch My Six on Amazon Kindle, Gumroads, and other online retailers. Eyo is currently working on his next book, a young adult novel called The Shadow Within. The time is now.

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