An inspiring and motivational guide – featuring a unique and practical eight-week plan – that will allow you to ditch alcohol for good to embrace a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Euphoric will guide you on your journey to an alcohol-free lifestyle, putting the focus on happiness, well-being and self-love to create the life you want.

Breaking old habits is never easy, and when the temptation of alcohol is always present in your social life, it can be hard to make the change to go teetotal. But what if you found a new way to maximise the joy a drink can offer without the health implications?

Certified alcohol-free life coach Karolina Rzadkowolska has helped thousands of casual drinkers transform their relationship with drinking. In Euphoric, she shares a proven, eight-week strategy to ditch alcohol and learn how to:

Create a natural buzz that alcohol can only mimic
Be fully present with your friends and family
Feel more energised, look better and live healthier
Enjoy the best sleep of your life
Have fun in any social situation without drinking
Accomplish new goals with your newfound drive

Reclaim yourself and rejuvenate your passions, as you make alcohol insignificant in your life and get motivated to chase your biggest dreams.

Duffy’s Thoughts on Euphoric

I’m not on the heavy side of alcohol drinking, anyone else would call it normal, or average drinking. However, particularly during the past two years of lockdowns, a few glasses of wine on the sofa whilst watching Netflix, or sipping whilst prepping dinner, then sipping a little bit more whilst eating became a habit. I started to notice in myself that sleep was a little bit worse, my clothes were a little bit tighter, and generally, I wasn’t feeling great.

Reaching for a cool crisp glass of vino after a busy day, or a down day due to lockdown and the pressures of COVID felt awesome at the time, a real release, but did I feel a million bucks the next day? Ready to face the world? Hell no!

I switched from a social drinker, which I enjoy, to an emotional one. Not a lot, just a few glasses, but even one or two was enough to raise my anxiety levels.

I gave Annie Grace’s The Alcohol Experiment a go, but the author’s tone irritated me a bit. I just didn’t connect with the book. So when I was offered Euphoric to read and review, I was cautiously optimistic.

Euphoric is an excellent read!

Will I give up booze for good? No Way! However, the honest and positive tone from author Karolina Rzadkowolska, along with a few truth bombs definitely has me looking at alcohol in a different way. Whilst I was reading the book, I got COVID, luckily just a couple of days in bed, but it came with a lingering gastritis side effect. This took the choice of having a glass of wine away, and as the symptoms have eased, I haven’t felt the need to reach for a glass at all and felt this an opportune time to read Euphoric.

I know it won’t last, but I feel that I can head to the pub and have a light beer or a soft drink and not 3 giant wines. I also have a fridge full of 0% beers which surprisingly trick your brain and don’t taste that bad.

There are also more hours in the day! I baked a cake last weekend, the first time since I was in home economics at school. I’m really enjoying cooking meals and you may have noticed, my reading game is back up!

Euphoric has a chapter for each of the eight weeks as you make the switch to a reduced alcohol lifestyle and I find this an excellent addition because the book will sit on the table, by your bed, in your bag for two months, which is a solid amount of time for those good habits to kick in.

I really enjoyed Euphoric and thoroughly recommend it for anyone who is looking to get healthier, and who wants to reduce or quit booze long term.

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