how to motivate yourself in 15 minutes

Do you have a few minutes to feel better?

The punchy non-fiction book is filled with useful ideas and approaches to motivate yourself. Would you like to experience feeling more motivated and only have a few minutes available? The easy to implement concepts will work for you.

How to Motivate Yourself in 15 Minutes is the first and shortest book in the A to Z book series by Noah William Smith which improves your quality of life. The self-care series focuses on improving internal motivation, feeling more content, learning new life skills, managing financial risks, becoming emotionally smarter and replenishing your internal resources. The series helps you to truly own your life.   


If you don’t look after your health now, your health may not look after you later. Your health refers to your physical, mental, emotional and other types. Depending on your circumstances and often your age, people sometimes take their health for granted. It might be that you are looking after your physical health, but not after your mental health.

Please take a few minutes to think about your health. Think about how you have been feeling and listen to what those inner voices are telling you. If you are feeling frustrated or disappointed then maybe that is a sign that you should invest more in your emotional health. If you invest more then you will develop better coping skills and tools.

This means that you should explore your emotional life and better understand your emotional needs. Where your emotional needs are not being met, come up with ideas on how to accept this and to let it go. Since you are unique and complex, you need to self-reflect and invest in yourself. The more self-knowledge you gain, the easier it will become for you to know how to actively protect and look after your health.

Who is Noah William Smith?

Author of How to Motivate Yourself in 15 Minutes 

Noah William Smith is an author of self-care books. His books are aimed at anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. His style of writing is to the point and respects the reader’s time – hopefully 30 minutes with a Noah book offers a high-quality experience. 

Noah is highly observant and he spends most of his time thinking, writing and reading. In his free time, he enjoys conversations with his wife about anything and everything in our lives. He loves relating to people and improving the quality of their lives.  

He starts each day with a big cup of strong coffee, a thick skin, an open mind and a grateful heart. The dogs are the first ones awake in the morning and they wake him up to say hello and play.

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