the hubris of an empty hand

Mahyar Amouzegar and his latest, The Hubris of an Empty Hand, which drops November 18th with University of New Orleans Press

About The Hubris of an Empty Hand

You must pay close attention, as this is an important story. You will be observing a dinner party that is about to begin, and like most parties, it will start slow and clumsy, but in time it will solidify and take shape and steadily will find its path. It will reach a climax when most, though not all, secrets are revealed, and finally, it will quiet down, and then it will die as most things do. And in less than four years, the world will change, as you have doubtless observed.

In eight ethereal stories, The Hubris of an Empty Hand encompasses the frailty and complexity of being human. When some divine gifts fall into decidedly earthly hands, the results are almost beyond reckoning for humans and gods both. Through its wide cast of characters and fascinating settings, terrestrial, divine, or somewhere in-between, Mayhar A. Amouzegar’s fourth book of fiction takes on timeless questions of love and its permanence, sacrifice, and the human desire to be remembered and known.

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About author Mahyar Amouzegar 

Author of hubris of the empty hand
Author Mahyar A. Amouzegar

The son of a bookkeeper, Mahyar A. Amouzegar, grew up in his home country of Iran surrounded by literature. Every night his father returned from his job at the publishing house with a new title in hand, filling Amouzegar’s childhood home with a panoply of books. Then at age fourteen, Amouzegar left Tehran to live with his older sisters in California. The year was 1978. Delayed by the political unrest that would soon lead to the Iranian Revolution, his parents were unable to follow him to the United States for over five years. On entering adulthood, he found himself balancing a promising career as a national security analyst with his boyhood love of literature. Mahyar is the author of three previous novels, A Dark Sunny Afternoon, Pisgah Road and Dinner at 10:32. His short story, “Tell Me More,” appeared in an anthology as part of The Reading Corner series. Mahyar has lived and worked on four continents and currently resides in New Orleans with his wife and two daughters.

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Hubris of an empty hand book review