a field guide to britpop book review

A Field Guide to … delves into music’s most influential genres to uncover the innovators and agitators who changed music history forever. 

In A Field Guide to Britpop, Steve Wide explores a  scene fueled by north-south rivalries, tribal fashion and a good cup of tea. Uncover the artists and albums, the who’s who and hangabouts that defined the era. From Blur’s jaunty pop, Pulp’s working-class poetry and Suede’s dark tales of the elegantly wasted, to the pub sing-alongs of Oasis – Britpop looked to the past to reshape the future, becoming the last true music scene of the 20th century.

Duffy’s Thoughts on A Field Guide To Britpop

Be prepared to hit up your Spotify Playlist and shout out ‘I remember this tune!’ as you skim through the pages and follow the interesting diagrams and tidbits of musical knowledge in A Field Guide To Britpop. An awesome book gift for Christmas, or your coffee table. A must for any music fan, and essential reading for anyone who loved the Britpop scene.

Author Steve WIde also has other field guides in this book series. A Field Guide To Punk and A Field Guide to Grunge, along with some A-Z’s of famous musicians. A great collection for any bookshelf!

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