murder on the send floor by Fiona Sherlock. Interactive return to work game

Award-winning crime writer Fiona Sherlock has opened bookings for her interactive ‘office return’ game, Murder on the Second Floor, to help companies welcome staff back to the workplace post lockdown. The mystery-inspired game has elements of a treasure hunt and escape room to allow staff to explore their new office environment and become reacquainted with new colleagues after such a long period working from home.

During the pandemic, Fiona Sherlock’s virtual murder mysteries were played by over 20,000 players internationally, including corporate organisations Zurich, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a range of banks, institutions, schools and voluntary organisations. The games remain a popular team building event for those working a hybrid of remote and in-office, and Murder on the Second Floor is the perfect one to reconnect colleagues and boost team morale.

The premise of the 90-minute, five-clue game is that it’s the first week back in the office for a fictional law firm. Things have changed since the pandemic, but a routine office tour takes a turn for the worst when a dead body is discovered under a desk. The top brass doesn’t want word to get out and sully the company’s reputation, so the staff must examine the evidence, search for clues, and figure out whodunnit! With many office layouts changed or redesigned for returning to work, the game allows clues to be planted in customised locations. The game can be reused multiple times for example when new team members join.

“The power of our imagination is immense – we have seen just how far our minds can stretch and adapt during the past 16 months,” says Fiona Sherlock (yes, that is her real name). “My mission is to create memorable stories and experiences that help people come together. Resocialising after such an extended period can be awkward, my hope is Murder on the Second Floor helps to break the ice and give people a chance to get used to their new surroundings whilst reiterating the values of inclusivity and diversity that organisations now require.”

Fiona Sherlock  Murder On The Second Floor interactive return to work game

Dr Keith Lyons, Behavioural Psychologist said: “Creating memorable experiences and opportunities for engagement help teams to be more collaborative and productive. An immersive experience like this is ideal to reintroduce staff to the office environment in a fun way.”

Murder on the Second Floor will be available internationally in self-hosted formats where organisations can print all the materials and run the event, with prices starting at £500 for 20 players. It includes:

  • Customised welcome video – insert a backdrop/logo from your own reception area!
  • Host guide detailing how to host and plan the game
  • Evidence dossier for each player containing a range of fun resources including the victim’s suspicious emails, diary entries, memos and pieces of evidence
  • Printable prop pack including crime scene tape, mugshot backdrop and prisoner ID number
  • Certificate of sleuthing – a fun keepsake certifying the participation of your team

As a special offering to organisations, Sherlock can host managed events with professional actors, with costs for 20 players starting at £2,800. There are a limited number of spots available, and booking is now available on the Bespoke Murder Mystery website.

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