Body of stars - a thought provoking and moving YA read

Body of Stars. Vox meets The Immortalists in this bold and dazzling exploration of fate and female agency in a world where women own the future but not their own bodies.

‘We have a new The Handmaid’s Tale… an exciting new literary voice with a dazzling imagination’ EMMA KENNEDY

No future, dear reader, can break a woman on its own

A bold and dazzling exploration of fate and female agency in a world where women own the future but not their own bodies. 

Like every woman, Celeste Morton holds a map of the future in her skin, every mole and freckle a clue to unlocking what will come to pass. With puberty comes the changeling period – when her final marks will appear and her future is decided.

The possibilities are tantalising enough for Celeste’s excitement to outweigh her fear. Changelings are sought after commodities and abduction is rife as men seek to possess these futures for themselves.

Celeste’s marks have always been closely entwined with her brother, Miles. Her skin holds a future only he, as a gifted interpreter, can read and he has always considered his sister his practice ground. But when Celeste’s marks change she learns a devastating secret about her brother’s future that she must keep to herself – and Miles is keeping a secret of his own. When the lies of brother and sister collide, Celeste determines to create a future that is truly her own.

Body of Stars is an urgent read about what happens when women are objectified and violently stripped of choice – and what happens when they fight back.

Duffy’s thoughts on Body of Stars

Body of Stars comes with trigger warnings for rape and assault

Woah! Body of Stars is a book that will hit you right in the feels. It’s a unique read and one that I feel is far more adult than young adult. Celeste’s story will resonate with any female who picks up this book. The feeling of not being in control of your body. At fault in some way for the reaction men have towards us.

We’ve all been leered at. Had some sleaze bag sidle up a little too close at a bar on public transport. A mansplaining comment on social media, a troll who thinks it’s ok to send graphic photos and messages. A family member whose eyes linger a second too long, making you burn with shame as you navigate awkward teenage years. Clutching at a bunch of keys as you walk through a park or when it’s dark walking to your car. These aren’t rare events. They happen every single day.

Celeste lives in a world where women have their future mapped out for them by their birth markings. Every freckle, mole, and birthmark tells what the future holds, from careers, loves, children and even death. Mapping the future as if plotting the stars. However, like all the women, Celeste is required to give her body up to be interpreted.

As you can guess by now, Body of Stars is not an uplifting read. However, it is incredibly well written. It shines a not so beautiful light on the lives women lead today, rape culture, and what happens when strong women choose to fight back.

Body of Stars is as powerful a read as The Handmaid’s Tale. It has instantly become one of Duffy’s favourite reads.

Available now from Booktopia and all good book stores published by Hachette