Fatal Conceit a new detective thriller from John Ritter. Reviewed by Duffythewriter

A new PI joins an eminent list, bursting with humour, pugnacity, and a leaky moral code, bent on one-upping San Francisco’s finest while wooing a prosecutor-turned-lover in John Ritter’s new novel Fatal Conceit.

About Fatal Conceit

A couple shot dead making love in an upscale marina condo fuels a media frenzy still simmering long after dirty cops rush the murders to cold-case oblivion. Enter private investigator Beaupre, a wise-cracking disgraced ex-cop hired by the male victim’s estranged lover, herself a “person of interest,” to track down the killer. 

Tripping over his own clues and hubris, leaving a trail of bodies and recrimination, Beaupre sees the hunt for a shooter go sinister—and shockingly personal. All the while he’s dogged by the vengeful father of a skinhead lying comatose from Beaupre’s beating. That off-duty incident and a flimsy battering charge against an ex-girlfriend earned him the boot from SFPD.

Finding the killer may be Beaupre’s best—his only—chance to redeem. Along the way he falls in love with a federal prosecutor, only to mess up the relationship; his employer drowns mysteriously in her Jacuzzi; a runaway girl out of the Tenderloin wends her way into his heart, and a duplicitous-turned-cooperative North Beach bar owner unwittingly gums up the case.

Probing the murdered young woman’s past, Beaupre bumps into a Sonoran drug cartel, with painful results. Soon he and a hacker buddy are chasing a pedophile accountant on the lam in Thailand and a Pomo hitman in Northern California Indian country. A tribal casino washing drug money, an obscure gem mine, and a retro sting aided by Afghan refugees bring the case into focus. But would that be enough? 

Settle in for a fast-paced ride with an outrageous detective as he goes about peeling layers off a vast conspiracy, exposing cynicism and brutality—and the ghosts of his past.


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