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Lack of communication.  Little connection.  Mismatched libido.  Do any of these issues feel familiar to you?  Communication, connection and sex issues are easier marriage problems to fix than you think!  

The book “Inspire Your Marriage” is based on the concept that people want to feel united with their spouse, without losing each other’s individuality.  Feeling united (teamwork) is the need to be good-natured, caring, attentive, etc.  Individuality (independence) is the need to be interesting, confident, fun, etc.  

The quiz in the book guides readers through 5 “Team” qualities and 5 “Independent” qualities.  People instinctively find one of each that is most attractive and desire to see in their spouse.  So if you display those two qualities to your spouse, it can inspire them to display the qualities important to you, and vice versa. 

People have been amazed at how accurate the quiz results were in describing what they found most attractive in their spouse and what was most important to them in the marriage.  They have then gone on to use the actions described in the book to feel even closer than they had been in the past.  

“Spot on”, “Insight I haven’t seen anywhere else” and “Are you in my head” are just some of the responses from people about this book to help their relationship and wanting marriage advice.  You can quickly resolve the specific conflict in your marriage.  

The advice in the book is good for both newlyweds and long-time partners alike.  While it’s designed for marriages, anyone in a relationship can use the principles in it to enhance their relationship.  This can be a productive tool for couples prior to the wedding to make sure they start marriage off on the right foot. 

You can inspire yourself for self-improvement to display qualities that you admire in others.  You can inspire your spouse to display the qualities you find attractive by displaying the qualities they find attractive.  You can inspire your marriage to be one that works through issues and challenges by using teamwork without losing either of your individualities. 

You can be closer with your heart starting today. It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before! 

About Author John Thomas

John Thomas spent 10 years learning, reading and talking to hundreds of people about what they wanted in their relationship, from their partner and for their sex life.  What he learned from this has been assembled into this book.  During this process, he found a lot of similarities in what people were looking for in relationships.  

A common theme among them was frustration over unmet needs.  A simple concept kept popping up – you want to feel united with your spouse, but not lose each other’s individuality.  Marriages had challenges without this balance. This book was written to give people the ability to understand and implement this balance.  

You can visit the website or get the book at Amazon today here.  

Inspire Your Marriage: Thomas, John: 9781736435700: Books

Inspire Your Marriage Podcast 

Bio – John Thomas wrote “Inspire Your Marriage” to help couples with the communication, connection and passion in their marriage.  It’s based on the concept that people want to be united as a team without losing each other’s individuality.  

After years of listening to what people wanted in their relationship, he realized there were 5 “Independent” qualities and 5 “Team” qualities that people commonly said were attractive to see in their partner.  But people found 1 of each quality to be most appealing to them when their partner displayed it. 

(So by displaying the 1 “Independent” quality and 1 “Team” quality most important to their partner, couples would feel much closer to each other and happier.) 

Format – Take the quiz and let’s talk about which qualities each of you found most attractive to see in the other one. 

FAQ’s on inspiring your marriage

How can couples inspire each other?  By displaying and seeing certain qualities in each other, both spouses can be inspired to fulfill what the other spouse desires.  

You fell in love with each other because you saw certain qualities in the other one.  Sometimes we forget how important continuing to show those qualities to each other is. 

What’s the key advice you give to couples?  Listen to, and do, what’s important to each other because a spouse’s actions, behavior and words can either pull the other spouse closer or push them away.  

It can be easy to get so caught up in our own little world that we forget how much our behavior really does affect our partner, and affects their behavior back toward us. 

Where to find you – Go to Inspire Your Marriage . com for the link to our Facebook group.  Or go straight to Amazon to get the book Inspire Your Marriage. 

What led you to write the book – Well, it was definitely a very long process.  I have always been fascinated by relationships and what made them work vs. what led them to have issues.  So I would often have conversations with friends about what made them happy in their relationship.  And I would read articles and message board forums from people about relationship issues they were having. 

Then something interesting started coming up as I was listening to people and reading about what they wanted from their partner.  What people were looking for fell into 2 distinct categories:  they either wanted their partner to be a little more independent and show they were in charge of their own life and driving forward in it; or they wanted their partner to be a little more team-oriented and show they were willing to be flexible to fulfill their desires. 

People wanted a balance of both types of qualities to be shown, but what happened is that people often defaulted to showing either a lot of Independent qualities or a lot of Team qualities.  They lost that balance that was so needed in the relationship. 

In addition, it was actually affecting their attraction to their spouse.  People found themselves more attracted to their partner when their partner displayed the qualities they were letting slip and less attracted to their partner when their partner did not show these qualities they liked. 

What did you do with that information – The next realization I had after that was that there were also a lot of similarities to the types of Independent qualities and Team qualities that people were attracted to.  People were describing 5 distinct Independent qualities they found attractive and 5 distinct Team qualities they found attractive.  

How did you develop the quiz – All of this led to developing a quiz to determine which one Independent quality and one Team quality people were most attracted to.  When people take the quiz, they can identify which qualities are important to each other and how to display those qualities to each other to feel closer. 

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