my best friend's murder

‘I read My Best Friend’s Murder in one sitting. A real page-turner!’ – Duffythewriter

‘A perfectly-paced page-turner that cleverly explores the “frenemy” relationship . . . A really gripping read full of secrets, lies and dark motivations’ Philippa East, author of Little White Lies

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that in the lead up to Christmas the book reviews slowed down and I lost my bookworm mojo. I just did not have the bandwidth to pick up a book and get stuck in.

However, in the past week, I’ve slowly had more energy and mental space creeping back and My Best Friend’s Murder really had some dopamine kick back in!

The plot centres around two best friends, Bec and Izzy, who have been best friends since childhood. Bec adores Izzy, however Bec’s family question the relationship and the toxic veil which seems to surround them both. On the face of it they wholeheartedly love and support each other, but there is a dark side too which begins to bloom and grow.

Then Izzy’s body is found. Is Bec the main suspect?

I loved the theme of a ‘frenemy’ relationship and the cast of supporting characters were pretty strong and everyone became a suspect at one time of another as I blasted through the pages in one sitting.

If you loved The Last Wife, The Swap and The Other Passenger you will devour My Best Friend’s Murder.

my best friend's murder
Available from Booktopia, published by Simon & Schuster

About My Best Friends Murder

You’re lying, sprawled at the bottom of the stairs, legs bent, arms wide.
If I squint, you could be playing Sleeping Bunnies. Or maybe Twister.

I wish I could tell you how the blood pooling around your head looks like a halo.
But you’re past listening.

I need to let the paramedics in. And then I have to be careful.
Because as the energy trickles out of your body it’s pumping into mine.
And while this could be a tragic accident, if anyone’s got a motive to hurt you, it’s me.

Bec and Izzy have been best friends their whole lives. They’ve been through a lot together – the death of Bec’s mother, the birth of Izzy’s daughter, Bec’s engagement.
But there’s a darker side to their friendship, too – and Bec is about to reach breaking point.

Then Izzy is found broken and bloodied at the bottom of the stairs.
It could have been an accident – perhaps she fell – but if the police decide to look for a killer, then Bec is sure to be their prime suspect.

This is The Rumour meets The Holiday, a compulsive thriller with a toxic but layered friendship at its heart that keeps you in the dark until the final few breathless pages . .