Soul In The Storm book review by duffythewriter

Transform the way you relate to stress. Inner peace is closer than you think.

You are a soul. Soul is the purest form of you, beyond the reach of everyday anxiety and stressors. When you learn to shift your awareness into soul, it becomes the perfect haven from any storm. And when you strengthen your haven through inner transformation, soul becomes your superpower in the midst of stress.

This practical stress management guide shows how to disarm stress triggers, shift into the peace of soul at any time, and remove obstacles to inner peace. Using clear, step-by-step processes you’ll learn how to:

– Center in soul, where profound peace is always present.
– Neutralize stressors and remove their emotional charge.
– Transform the underlying dynamics of your stress reactions.
– Turn your mind into an awesome stress management tool.
– Recognize how you’re stressing yourself, and stop doing it.
– Reinterpret crisis events as opportunities for personal growth.
– Experience deep relaxation beyond stress, worry, and upset.
– Apply the soul’s vital lifeforce for multi-level healing.

As a soul, peace is your birthright. This book’s 57 techniques empower you to use all your inner resources to your benefit, applying the strengths of soul to the areas of stress within you as the ultimate stress-relief remedy.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Soul In The Storm

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed delving into Nancy Wagaman’s previous two dream books and felt this book may have come to me at just the right time. I’ve definitely felt the fatigue of COVID-19 and work from home sink in. The news depresses me, it’s hard to make the days interesting and not monotonous and it’s even harder to separate the days and take time away from work and a screen.

I took a few days off work, and in that time Soul In The Storm was offered for review, Huzzah!

What I love about Nancy’s book is that there is no big agenda. No obligation to commit to a mantra or embrace the whole book. Instead, Nancy offers a ‘take what you need’ approach. I love this idea because Soul In The Storm can sit on my Kindle and I can return to it again and again. Having a bad week? I can call in the light. Being far too down on myself? I can flick to the chapter for some reminders on how to banish those negative thoughts and bump me off that self-destructive groove.

The common-sense approach to this book is refreshing, and I certainly didn’t read it beginning to end. I hit a link and disappeared to another part of the book, and then another and another. It’s a little bit like choosing your own adventure, except the treasure at the end, the victory, is the feeling of calm and the loss of knot inducing stress.

Just like Dream Essentials, this wonderful, thought-provoking self care guide will be one I go back to again and again.

Who is Nancy Wagaman?

Nancy Wagaman is a personal-growth innovator whose work springs from her years in R&D, applied intuition, and advanced degrees in psychology and communications. She has consulted and conducted research for corporate, university, and private clients, and her work has been featured in magazines, radio, and television. She is the creator of popular dreams site and has written extensively on applied psychology, intuition, and other personal growth topics.

Praise for the Author:
“Well written, well thought through…The author seems to have a real understanding of how dreams and the human mind work.” ~ Kim Anisi (Readers’ Favorite)

“Such insight on what can be a very ambiguous subject…you truly are gifted.” ~ Lisa Coleman (Book Reviewer)