By author Earl Rynerson

Book Blast unchecked capitalism review by duffythewriter

Unchecked. Capitalism shows how major corporations and their army of lobbyists have gradually taken over our governmental institutions, to the point where our elected officials do the bidding of corporations and the wealthy rather than us, the voters.

The book is broken down by Industry (Banking, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, the Auto Industry, Oil and Gas, Defense, Processed Foods/Sugar, Media), with a special chapter on our nation’s lobbyist problem. Each of these industries has caused direct harm to us as Americans over the years. I have also written a coronavirus chapter that exposes how Unchecked Capitalism has infected the very institutions that are supposed to be protecting us today. Our nation has more coronavirus cases and deaths than any other nation in the world, due to eight US institutions that have been taken over by unchecked capitalism. 

But all is not lost. I have included a Solutions Chapter that shows how each of us can make slight changes that can have a direct impact on helping to change the direction that we find ourselves in.

Important to remember:

Socialism: Government tells business what to do

Capitalism: Government leaves business largely alone to succeed or fail (ie: no Government bailouts)

Unchecked Capitalism: Business tells Government what to do (This is the mess in Washington that we have now)

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