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Requests and to-dos bombard your phone and inbox, day and night. Information and distractions claw at your time and attention. You’re always busy, always searching for the finish line…or at least the pause button. Life feels like an endless series of “what’s nexts”—what’s the next meeting, task, obligation, goal, achievement?

Adam M. Lowenstein emerged from the nonstop, striving-obsessed world of American politics convinced that everyone, no matter who you are or what you do, has the power to build more fulfilling days. You don’t have to undertake a radical transformation. You don’t have to quit your job or move halfway around the world.

You can simply tweak how you approach each day. Find meaning in your daily burdens and commitments. Resist the allure of busyness. Make more time for what matters to you (and feel less guilty when you do).

In Reframe the Day, Lowenstein offers ten tips, tactics, and techniques for nudging your days in a more fulfilling direction. Combining concrete advice with tools for self-reflection, Reframe the Day shows you how to reframe the way you see and spend your days and, over time, reshape your life.

reframe the day

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Adam M. Lowenstein is the author of Reframe the Day: Embracing the Craft of Life, One Day at a Time, which outlines 10 practices for creating a more fulfilling life by building more fulfilling days. Adam previously spent eight years working in American government and politics, most recently as speechwriter and strategic communications advisor in the U.S. Senate. Today, Adam lives in London with his partner, Erin, and writes frequently about politics, work, and life. Visit his website, see his latest work, and subscribe to his newsletter at

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