At Crossroads with chickens - A guide to off grid living

A “What If It Works” Experiment in Off-Grid Living and Quest for Home

Award-winning author Tory MCagg chronicles her transition to off-the-grid living in a timely, captivating memoir 

JAFFREY, New Hampshire — How much can one chicken change the life of a New England author? “Our chickens have had more influence on our lives than even I care to admit,” Tory McCagg writes in her new memoir, “At Crossroads with Chickens,” (June 2, 2020, Bauhan Publishing). 

Upon discovering her chicken Rhoda Red was in fact a rooster, McCagg found herself at a crossroad. Her home city of Providence, Rhode Island, didn’t allow for roosters, so McCagg and her husband packed up their six chickens and two cats, and moved to their off-grid New Hampshire weekend house “just for the winter.”

As the years passed, their newfound interests in organic farming, solar power and chicken stewardship evolved, and their weekend home became a permanent one. 

A long-time conservationist, with a deepening concern for climate disruption, McCagg strives to live a life that reflects her values. Her memoir amounts to much more than a traditional off-the-grid story about a city-dwelling couple fleeing to the country. McCagg recounts heartbreak and personal growth, all while mourning the loss of exciting and busy city life and shepherding her mother through a battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Join McCagg on her life-changing adventure or, as she calls it, “experiment,” and discover not just “Will it work?” but “What if it does?”

Dreaming of escaping off the grid? Hear from someone who did it!


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