Do you have a book in you? author of Beautifully Broken Melissa Oatman shares her story

Author Melissa Oatman shares her life inspiration and how journaling became a book!

When I sat down to write my book, “Beautifully Broken” a little over two years ago, I never imagined that it would actually become a book.  I simply decided that I wanted to write about my experiences surviving a toxic relationship, divorce, and single motherhood.  As I began writing, I believed that my story might simply end up being a cathartic journal for myself, but I knew I had to keep writing anyway.  You see, journaling is a tool that has helped me to shift my thoughts and beliefs about my experiences. It has been a huge part of my healing.  I was on a mission determined to heal my inner wounding caused by my painful experience. 

As I sat down to write, the words just came pouring out of me.  It was as if every emotion that I had held back about my experiences came exploding out.  I couldn’t hold them back any longer.  Throughout the process, I kept in the back of my mind that my writing might never be good enough for publishing.  However, the more I wrote, the more I thought that my words might help others. As I began to see my writing take shape, I knew that there was a higher purpose for it.  It wasn’t meant to be seen by me alone.  It was something that could be shared to help others who had experienced similar traumas.  

Almost three years ago I started a daily podcast.  My podcast, “Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness,” is dedicated to topics like self-help and deepening spirituality.  It was after my podcast started really gaining followers that I realized that my words were needed.  I met so many amazing people who had been through situations that were very similar to mine.  I realized that they were me, and I was them. If my own words could help heal me, then surely, they could help heal others. I have seen firsthand how sharing my story has helped to empower others.  When others see that they are not alone in their fight, then it gives them the strength and courage to keep fighting.  When they see that she made it through in one piece, they think, “maybe I can too.”

Beautifully Broken by Author Michelle Oatman
Author Melissa Oatman

So, do you have what it takes to write a book? What’s your story?  I would highly encourage anyone who has a story to tell to get out there and share it.  You never know who may be inspired by you or who you will heal through your shared experiences.  I truly feel that we are all given a story to share.  It’s what connects us all to the human experience.  If you have ever gone through trauma of any kind, then you understand how painful it can be. If we can take our pain and transmute it into something beautiful that heals others, then that sounds like a bestseller to me.    

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