Australia author Jenn J McLeod shares her top ten things!

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Ten things you need to know about Jenn

Jenn J McLeod has been a favourite author of mine ever since I came to Australia and became a book blogger. Her books take you to small Australian country towns, which you may never have visited, but instantly want to explore. Her characters are realistic, with stories that have heart. However, don’t let that fool you, Jenn will lull you into a false sense of security, then sucker punch you with a plot twist ( The Other Side Of The Season took a few of my tears)! Here are her top ten things!

1. I’m Australia’s Nomadic Novelist because, since 2014, home has been a 25 foot, purple and white caravan called Myrtle the Turtle.

2. I travel to small towns, deliver library talks to inspire writers to write and readers to read, and champion Aussie stories over imports.

author Jenn J McLeod enjoys a chiko roll on the Nullarbor!
Jenn enjoying a Chiko roll on The Nullarbor

3. I housesit/petsit to get out of the 25-foot caravan and to cuddle a dog occasionally. (All the perks of pet ownership without the vet bills.)

4. I once delivered a fictional foal in my 2015 novel, Season of Shadow and Light. I delivered a real one a year later while on a housesit.

5. It was the day before my fiftieth birthday (and I was about to give up trying) when a literary agent offered to represent me.

6. I have since written seven of my signature small-town stories.

7. My first nomadic adventure was thirty-six years ago in a Ford F100 with a dirt bike and a tent.

8. I have learned so much from my book research. Such as; zip-lining at 59 is as scary, awkward and as uncomfortable as it looks; camels do spit; and never get so nostalgic about crossing The Nullarbor Plains thirty-six years later that you buy a Chiko roll at a roadhouse. (I think it was 36 years old.)

author Jenn J McLeod tries zip lining!
Jenn in official zip lining gear!

9. I once met The Queen, Princess Diana, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (and yes, her waist is that small!) Oh, and the band, Bros! (Who? I can hear you saying!!!)

*Edit – anyone who knows me, knows Bros were my favourites as a teenager, Luke in particular and Cat Amongst The Pigeons was my favourite song! – Duffy

10. I’ve recently discovered a love of writing rhyming picture books (only to discover they are harder to sell to a publisher than women’s fiction). Now I need to learn the art of illustration.

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