3 Books To Take Your Writing Up A Gear

2019 was a pretty good year for me writing-wise. I’ve had a reliable stream of work coming in which I can happily manage alongside my full-time gig, I had a couple of appearances in magazines and my book reviews seem to be gaining traction. But, there have been some hurdles.

The downside is that I’m continuously peppered with requests (and sometimes outright demands) to review books for publishers and independent authors. While I want to keep the momentum of the book reviews and help independent writers get out there, I feel that some people, thankfully rare humans, don’t seem to realise my time, my FREE time is taken up reviewing books. Towards the end of 2019, I was definitely suffering from bookworm burnout and began to feel a little jaded.

So, in 2020 I’m going to change things up a bit. 

  • I’m going to select the books I review more carefully and try and hone my genres focussing on thrillers and non-fiction, particularly self-improvement. They are the books I enjoy reading, and they get the most web traffic. 
  • I’m going to sit on a brief for a bit before starting out. Too many times last year, I found myself completing the first draft, only to find out specific writing guidelines weren’t shared. This heightens my stress and wastes my time, so tighter briefs and creating a brief template will be the way forward.
  • I’m going to pimp my blog! I’ve added pages and keywords and content over the years and, quite frankly, it looks it. So, I’m going to become an SEO nerd and assess my content to make sure it works for me.

It may look like three tiny bullet points and a few words, but if I’m going to kick all these goals properly, then it will take patience, time, commitment and above all focus. I can’t do it alone, and being a bookworm means I feel most comfortable getting inspiration between the pages of a good book. So, for each of my goals, I need some book back up!

Atomic Habits

by James Clear

3 Books To Kick My Writing Up A Gear. Atomic Habits James Clear

Atomic Habits was one of a handful of books I paid cold hard cash for last year, and it really unlocked a different way of thinking. Rather than look at my blog and silently weep, not knowing where the hell to start, I’m going to do one thing every few days and make it 1% better. I’ll finally workout where my Google Adsense goes on WordPress and what I should be doing or not doing with tags. One thing, but one good thing each time.

Grab Atomic Habits here

So You Want To Be A Writer

by Allison Tait and Valerie Khoo

3 Books To Kick My Writing Up A Gear. So you want to be a writer

An ex-boyfriend bought be a writing course at The Australian Writers’ Centre of which Valerie Khoo established many years ago for my birthday, and it was probably one of the few great things he did! It was this writing course that gave me the confidence to start writing and create a blog. So You Want To Be a Writer is specifically written for those who have or want a side hustle in writing. There are so many ways good writing can bring in a revenue stream, and it’s also jam-packed with advice from over 120 writers. Perfect for diving into when I’m having a flat day or stuck in a rut. 

Buy So, You Want To Be A Writer here

Confessions Of A Misfit Entrepreneur

by Kate Toon

3 Books To Kick My Writing Up A Gear. Confessions of a misfit entrepreneur

I’ll share right off the bat. I live in Toon Town! My writing has improved, my following has grown, and I’m now a part of a funny, helpful and supportive online community since I became a member of The Clever Copywriting School. Confessions Of A Misfit Entrepreneur is a smart, sassy self-reflection on Kate’s leap from agency land to copywriting superstar, starting her business empire from her garden shed while wearing her PJ’s, watching Netflix and eating crisps. This is an inspirational mentor I obviously got straight on board with, and I’ve started hitting up her SEO podcast so I can take one thing and implement it (see atomic habits).

Grab your copy of Confessions Of A Misfit Entrepreneur here

Why did I post my favourite writing reads?

I’ve put this all out there, so I have to do it, and if you find me slacking, feel free to give me a virtual kick up the bum!

Share your 3 books to take your writing up a gear in 2020 or a favourite book which helps keep you on track in the comments!