The Day The Lies Began by Kylie Kaden a book review.  How many lies is too many?


It happened the day of the Moon Festival. It could have been left behind, they all could have moved on with their lives. But secrets have a habit of rising to the surface, especially in small towns.

With its salt-stung houses and tight community, Lago Point is the scene of postcards, not crime scenes. Wife and mother Abbi, town cop Blake, schoolteacher Hannah and local doctor Will are caught in their own tangled webs of deceit. Sometimes doing wrong can feel completely right.

When the truth washes in, so do the judgements: victim, or vigilante, who will forgive, who will betray? Not all relationships survive. Nor do all residents.

Duffys thoughts on The Day The Lies Began

I love reading Australian authors and supporting their work, so when I get the opportunity, I take it. I haven’t read any of Kylie Kaden’s other books, but the book cover and synopsis spoke to me. Plot twists are my jam, and a building domestic suspense and thriller is one of my favourite genres, so to me, The Day The Lies Began ticked all of the boxes. I was in.

When I had finished, most of my boxes had been ticked. The beginning is pretty slow going and a little repetitive, taking far too long to get to the big ‘secret’ and I was beginning to lose interest when the big secret was finally revealed. I kinda guessed what it would be, but the justification for it I didn’t see coming at all, or the surprises that were to come.

Abbi’s frenemy from long ago, Hannah has an intriguing subplot of her own, but unfortunately, it was revealed quite late in the book, at which point I had already formed my not-so-positive opinion of her, which was a shame as that story really had something. With so much packed into the last third of the book, maybe it would have been good to sprinkle some clues earlier in the pages and explored this character on a deeper level.

Once I got to the halfway mark of the book the plot, suspense and twists starting flowing and I really enjoyed the race to the end. There was so much happening! I just wish it didn’t take quite so long to get there. I’m glad I persevered at the start as the rest of the book was well worth it, so if you have The Day The Lies Began to read, stick with it and you will be rewarded.

A well written suspense with layered characters and a great supporting cast. I just wasn’t gripped from the get-go.

The Day The Lies Began a book review.  Published by Pantera Press. How many lies is too many?
Published by Pantera Press RRP $29.99

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