Atomic Habits by James Clear - A book review

The instant New York Times best-seller!

Atomic Habits, offers a proven framework for getting 1 percent better every day. It’s the ultimate guide on how to design a system where good habits emerge naturally and unwanted habits fade away.

“A supremely practical and useful book. James Clear distills the most fundamental information about habit formation, so you can accomplish more by focusing on less.”  —Mark Manson, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Duffy’s Thoughts On Atomic Habits

I’ve read lots of self improvement books. Some are cheesy, some ever so slightly patronising and some are very sweary. Atomic habits is none of these!

A friend recommended Atomic Habits and it had been appearing in my social media feeds so I thought I should grab myself a copy and check it out. What I found was a quick, concise how-to guide focussed on creating and embedding good habits, 1 percent at a time.

I’m crap at going to the gym regularly. The thought of a whole new fitness regime immediately overwhelms me and I jump to self sabotage and basically any excuse to get out of going to a class. I’m also sporadic when it comes to focussing on my writing. I find it preferable to cock about mindlessly on my phone than get 500 words down. Why? These negative behaviours have become subconscious habit and habits are hard to break.

Atomic Habits has given me a new perspective. Instead of changing up my whole gym regime, I will ensure my bag is packed and my gym gear is laid out ready to put on the night before. Once I get dressed, I’m far more likely to head out the door than crawl back into bed in my Lululemon gym pants. I will also put my phone out of reach and on silent when I’m sat up at my desk. Taking away the urge to respond immediately a tone beeps or my screen lights up. Making tiny changes and repeating them until they become a better habit is my goal, rather than any huge lifestyle changes.

Will I become a gym junky or the next JK Rowling? Unlikely, but I’m hopeful that my habits will improve and work for me rather than being stuck and not quite as happy and healthy as I want to be. I found Atomic Habits helpful and motivating, so let’s see what happens!

Share your tiny habit changing tips which have worked for you in the comments!

Atomic Habits by James Clear, a review
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