The Forgotten Sister. An intense page turner exploring the delicate balance of family life.

A heart-rending, profoundly moving novel about protecting the ones you love from the secrets that will hurt them most. To lose your family is heart-breaking. To be forgotten by them is unforgivable.

The Forgotten Sister. Cassie and Erin are sisters. They are close – in age, looks and personality – but there is one crucial difference: Cassie is adopted.

At seventeen, Cassie sets out to find her birth mother. She is hungry for the truth, but she discovers her adoption was far more complicated than even she could have imagined. In uncovering her real identity Cassie learns her adoptive parents have kept a terrible secret from her, her whole life, which now threatens to destroy everything she has ever held dear.

Duffy’s Thoughts on The Forgotten Sister

I picked up The Forgotten Sister and got about twenty pages in when the words glazed over the page and the thread of the story was not imprinting on my brain. I decided to leave it a few days and try again, maybe this was to be one of those books which didn’t grab me?

Luckily I did go back and start fresh. Starting a new book when you’re stressed at work probably isn’t a great idea and I very nearly did The Forgotten Sister a disservice. With an uncluttered mind I had the space to absorb the story of Cassie and Erin, and believe me, you need the headspace for this one!

Caroline Bond delivers an intense family drama with many different layers. After all, in any family, there are different roles to play, individual points of view, and everyone has a voice. About 100 pages in I did correctly predict the plot-twist but this didn’t detract from the story at all. Some parts were a little hard to read, but the reality of children in care and the adoption process is the focus of the story, therefore a sugar-coated version would not be authentic.

If you enjoy anything by Sara Foster, you will enjoy The Forgotten Sister. Just make sure you are snuggled in your reading nook with plenty of time to fall into this book.

The Forgotten Sister book review. An intense page turner exploring the delicate balance of family life
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