So you want to be a writer? Book Review. How to get started and still keep your day job

Have a book burning inside of you? Want to make the leap into freelance work? Feel that you can create great content for Australian businesses? So You Want To Be A Writer? will guide you there!

So You Want To Be A Writer? Was borne out of the popular podcast of the same name ‘So you want to be a writer. Authors Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait, are co-hosts of the succesful podcast which regularly appears in the ‘what’s hot’ selections.

Valerie Khoo, author and CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre said, “Once we hit over one million downloads of our podcast, we knew there would be demand for a book distilling the ideas and advice on how to become a writer.”

Allison Tait, international bestselling author of The Mapmaker Chronicles and The Ateban Cipher series, said, “I think the desire to write is probably greater now because it’s much more accessible to people. They say everyone has a book in them and the digital age has made it possible for everyone to write that book – and to publish it.”

Both authors believe the world of blogging and social media has given people a taste for the written word. Tait says, “Someone might start with writing an Instagram post and then go on to write a blog post that becomes very popular. They get a taste for how their words can really connect with people. We’re seeing a trend where an increasing number of people are interested in writing – and some are seriously considering changing their careers to become writers.”

So You Want To Be A Writer podcast has had over 1million downloads.
The successful podcast of the same name

Duffys Thoughts On So You Want To Be A Writer?

I’ve had my blog for a few years now and it started because I read A LOT. I was put in contact by chance years ago with one publisher who sent me some books to review. My readership grew and so did my appetite for a good book! Other publishers began to approach me and now my TBR pile is so high that it could quite legitimately crush me in my sleep should it topple over.

My blog grew and then small businesses found me and contacted me to say ‘hey, I like the way you write, can you write for me?’ and Duffythewriter was born. I now have a couple of legendary clients, as well as my book reviews, which keep me busy and provides an extra income stream (I work full time). But being busy is not the same as being fulfilled, particularly as a writer.

I was drawn to So You Want To Be A Writer for a couple of reasons. One, I’m a past student of The Australian Writers Centre of which Valerie Khoo is CEO, and I want to consider my next best step in writing. I’ve become stagnant and completely resonated with the chapter in the book dedicated to those who ‘just don’t have enough hours in the day.’ I do have time, real time, but I seem to fritter it away. Let’s face it, I spend far too much time cocking about on Facebook and Insta.

So You Want To Be A Writer? is not going to tell you how to write well. Although it does give you a great reading list if that’s what you’re looking for. What it does do is give you practical tips, some inspiration and plenty of real-life examples of people who write, write incredibly well, yet hold down jobs and raise families at the same time. It’s all about making the jump, but sensibly.

How Did So You Want To Be A Writer Help Me?

I took Valerie and Allison’s advice and took some time for me and my writing. I shut down the laptop for a bit to get my head out of the mountain of blog articles I was writing, deciding instead to watch a good movie and switch off for a bit. Whilst watching the movie I relaxed and a few ideas popped in my head which I’m going to implement and see what happens. Hopefully a nudge in the right direction!

  • I’m going to be more choosy with the books I take on to read and review
  • I’m going to put a call out to authors and publishers so supply content for my blog – saving me time
  • It’s time to create a website to split my freelance work from my book review blog
  • I’ll start to share testimonials and my freelance work on my socials
  • I have a couple of people in my network who are brilliant at online marketing. I’m going to tee up some coffee and breakfast chats to find out how I can grow my online presence
  • With the extra time I have, I’m going to focus on two things
    • Utilising my membership to the Clever Copywriting School and become a more active member, completing some free courses and watch some videos.
    • Enter some creative writing competitions such as Furious Fiction to spark ideas and creativity.

Let’s see how I go!

If you enjoy writing and are looking to set up a side hustle or publish that book which has been burning in you for years I wholeheartedly recommend So You Want To Be A Writer? To kickstart your dream and make it a reality.

So You Want To Be A Writer? Book Review. A how to guide for any budding writer who just needs to start writing.
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