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Lately, my inbox has been filled with spam, authors who don’t even bother to read my blog or personalise an email to me before demanding I read their books and sketchy backlink scammers. So, you can imagine my pleasant surprise to see an email bringing positive news!

The good guys over at Talk +Tell selected as one of their top 18 non-fiction book blogs;

Duffy is a freelance writer based in Sydney, and part of her lifestyle is reading one or two non-fiction books per week. (Which is pretty epic on its own.) You can expect weekly book reviews in the form of synopsis preceding her unbiased thoughts on the book. A great example is a write-up she wrote on ‘Alpha Girls’ by Julian Guthrie!


best non fiction book blogs
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Pretty flattered to be amongst such good company. If you enjoy non-fiction, follow my reviews, engage with my posts and share my socials. The more support I get, the more motivation to read and exposure I gain!

Thanks Talk+Tell!