5 reasons to fall in love with a book this Valentine's Day

Valentines Day. One Day a year where we are forced to demonstrate love by buying overpriced roses, tacky greeting cards and stressing out trying to find a restaurant. For those that sit at their desks while colourful bouquets and squeals of delight echo across the cubicles, or sit quietly while others boast about lavish plans with eager partners, Valentine’s Day can suck big time, so here’s 5 reasons to fall in love with a book.

5 Reasons Why A Book Is The Best Valentine Of All

A good book won’t gaslight you

A good book lets you dive right in, you are immersed in the author’s world and not made to feel stupid or small. You can be the hero, heroine, or villain and live vicariously through the characters for a little while.

Books last longer than supermarket roses

Yes, a bunch of long-stemmed red roses look extravagant and scatters a pretty scent throughout your apartment, but in a few days the petals will fall and the water will become green and stinky. A good book with a stunning book cover will take pride of place on your coffee table, or by your bed for as long as you want it.

A good book connects you to others

A Valentine’s date may be a fleeting one, but falling in love with a book and connecting with other bookworms can bring you long lasting joy. A visit to Goodreads will instantly connect you with like-minded readers to share and swap stories.

Love yourself !

Take refuge from the commercialism of Valentine’s day and practice a little self-care. Switch off your phone, resist swiping right, draw a long hot bath, pour yourself a glass of your favourite red, slip into bed or your book nook and revisit a favourite book, just like an old lover.

Mix love and books  

Take your Valentine on a date to a book fair! Lovehearts, coffee, fairy floss, connection on a cerebral instead of physical level and armfuls of books to take home. True Love!

Practice love and kindness on Valentine’s Day, and every day. If you see someone who looks a little uncomfortable or out of place ask if they’re ok or buy them a coffee, or a book voucher, let’s send much book love this Valentine’s Day!