Ever Just Want To Calm The F**k Down For A Minute?

Author Sarah Knight showed me how to Get Your Sh*t Together in 2017 and I’ve been a fan of her anti-guru mantras and tricks to living a better life ever since.

There are whole bookshelves dedicated to sweary self-help books, and it seems to be a growing trend, and whilst they can at first glance all seem the same. Knight stands out as the OG of blasphemous books to help you get the most out of your life.

Calm The F*ck Down is a guide to taking back control when you feel life and crappy situations escalate and become chaotic. It’s a fun read and Knight demonstrates some great tips and plans which will help you to take a breath and not only manage any disastrous situation without looking like an utter lunatic but also how to manage feelings of anxiety which often brew and take over in stressful or unexpected situations.

I particularly resonated with Knight’s ‘tarantula’ analogy. As someone who suffers from severe arachnophobia, this may sound odd but stay with me for a minute. Knight describes those 4am worrisome times when you are lying wide awake in bed while your worries and anxieties hide in dark corners like a big hairy tarantula.

Yep, I said Tarantula

It’s unlikely that there really is a big tarantula in your room, but what if there is? How will you get rid of it? Is your house insurance up to date to be able to burn the house down? Does it have babies? How many babies? Are they under my bed unseen? That’s what your 4am worries are. Unseen, unlikely and there’s not a whole lot you can do about them at 4am in the dark. This is where Knight comes to the rescue with a plan to get you some sleep and deal with issues as and when they arrive.

The back of the book is a quirky touch. Real life ‘not so nice’ examples of situations with choose your own adventure choices. Pretty funny to read and honestly select what I would really do, which ended up most of the time being the wrong, anxiety driven adventure! But, it demonstrated the tendencies I have and the ways in which outcomes can be so much better for me and less draining on my time and sleep patterns if I just took the time to Calm The F**k Down.

Who Should Read Calm The F**k Down?

I thoroughly recommend Calm The F**k Down to anyone who’s looking for a more tranquil and positive 2019 (maybe a few world leaders could benefit from a copy!). Most of us need a little reminder now and again to keep calm and address situations as, when and if they arrive.

calm the f**k down
Calm The F**k Down is available now RRP $29.99 Published by Hachette

Calm The F**K Down Book Blurb

The latest no-f**ks-given guide from New York Times bestselling author of the international sensation The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**kGet Your Sh*t Together, and You Do You

Do you waste time overthinking things you can’t do anything about? 

Do you freak out when things don’t go to plan? 
Does anxiety get in the way of you living your best life? 

When life hands you a big fat f**king lemon, CALM THE F**K DOWN gives you practical ways to manage the situation, not to mention your anxiety about the situation. One hundred per cent practical and zero percent Pollyanna-ish, this is a book that acknowledges all the bad shit that can and probably will happen to you – from break ups and breakdowns to floods, family feuds and France running out of butter – and shows you what you can realistically do about it so you can get on with your life, stop worrying and wallowing, and start bouncing back.

Think of CALM THE F**K DOWN as the friend who, instead of reassuring you that ‘everything’s going to be okay,’ actually shows you how to make it so.

Calm the f**k down Sarah knight