Top 5 Thriller Books

Hate sleep? Looking to stay awake listening to the odd noises your house makes and jumping at the sight of hat stand in the dark? Duffy is here to help you with some sketchy sleepless nights with my top 5 thriller books to get under your skin and into your head!

Deadly Messengers by Susan May

deadly messengers by susan may


Susan May is a brilliant thriller writer and I could have chosen any number of her books, but I had to go with Deadly Messengers. The opening scene is a gruesome massacre in a cafe, and what’s more unsettling is that another multiple slaying is around the corner. If that doesn’t suck you in as you follow a determined journo and a classic cop as they track down who, or what is causing all this mayhem, nothing will!

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Consent by Leo Benedictus

consent by Leo Benedictus

Wow. That was the opening line of my review. This book is very unique and very VERY creepy. It’s an unsettling tale which sneaks up on you, and into your house. You’ll be sleeping with the lights on for days after you reach the end of this one! One for fans of psychological thrillers.

Pick up your copy of Consent here, if you dare!

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Gallery Of The Dead

The Gallery Of The Dead book review

An LAPD lieutenant arrives at a horrific crime scene. Murders are happening with unsettling frequency and with escalating violence and gruesomeness. Warning; I only got to page 5 before I was having kittens and you’ll be sleeping with that hallway light on and avoiding selfies alone in your home for a good while!

Gallery of The Dead gets pretty dark and pretty preposterous. If you aren’t turned off by a bit of gore, you’ll enjoy this well-paced thriller.

Slade House by David Mitchell

slade house by David Mitchell

I read Slade House back in 2015 and it always appears in my top thriller lists and I still think about it on those nights when I’m awake at 4am thinking about every stupid thing I’ve ever done in my life and highly tuned to every tiny sound.

What’s surprising is that this psychological thriller comes in a beautiful, unassuming hardback cover with a pretty white and red metallic cover. This sweet little book houses a short tale, which packs a real punch. If you like your thrillers with on-point prose and a sprinkling of sci-fi, then this is one for you!

Get your own copy here. If you’re too scared to read it, it’ll at least look fab on your bookshelf.

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The Good Son by You Jeong Jeong

book review the good son

The Good Son has been translated from Korean and the writing style really works with the stark, lonely life of the main character, ‘The Good Son’. This is a mystery thriller with some creepy stalker stuff and a shocking opening few chapters. Yu-Jin is a young man who wakes up disorientated in the apartment he shares with his mother. He is covered in blood. He is scared, confused and is fearful of what is in the darkness. What he finds is a body.

Great writing a brilliant twist and an unusual setting for such a dark tale.

For those that like a smart thriller with a plot twist. Get your copy here

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Are any of these Top 5 thriller books on your list? Share your favourite thriller in the comments and don’t blame me if you can’t sleep..

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