three little lies

The smallest of lies can have the biggest consequences

Sasha North has gone missing.

Everyone says she’s run away, but I know better. We’ve been best friends since we were teenagers, since Sasha swept into the neighbourhood and brought colour to my life. Until a brutal attack changed both our lives forever.

I know what happened that night. I know who wants revenge.

And if Sasha has been taken, does that mean I’m next?

Duffy’s Thoughts On Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall

Ellen has been best friends withh Karina and Sasha since school. Sasha was the enigmatic new. girl at school who moved across the road with the Monkton family. Laura Marshall takes us through those awkward teenage years where jealousies, insecurities, rivalries and sexual awakenings create a heady confusing mix.  Ellen is drawn into the bohemian world of the Monktons and is enamoured with the new girl Sasha, who seems to have everyone under her spell.

Ten years later, Ellen and Sasha are renting a flat together, until one night when Sasha doesn’t come home. Have the secrets of the past finally caught up with her? Or is this something else entirely?

The characters of Ellen, Sasha and Karina resonated with me and brought to the surface some uncomfortable memories from my teenage past. Giving up a bit of yourself to be in with the popular girls, navigating boys and parties with safety, yet complying with group expectations so as not be seen as square. Laughing, having fun, and keeping secrets were part of most of our angst ridden teenage pasts and Marshall nails this world perfectly.

I read this book in two sittings. It’s gripping, clever and written with a pace that keeps you reading just one more chapter before bed. Everyone was a suspect right up until the big reveal, and if you’ve read my blogs, it takes a special kind of book to keep me guessing.

After Friend Request, and now Three Little Lies I can confidently say I am now a solid Marshall fan, and I cannot wait to read her next novel.

If you love a psychological thriller with a plot twist and enjoyed Anatomy Of A Scandal, The Girl Before, Or He Said She Said, you’ll love Three Little Lies.

Released July 2018 buy your copy here

three little lies