book review of Unexpected Delivery

Unexpected Delivery by Leanne Lovegrove

Life can be unexpected… 

Lawyer, Vivienne Greene is pulled from her comfortable office job to a temporary position in the country performing property foreclosures. Vivienne knows she’s in trouble when her first day goes horribly wrong and she’s dragged into delivering a calf by handsome dairy farmer, Daniel Beckett. 

Single father, Daniel Beckett has adopted radical, robotic milking and he’s unimpressed by the city girl who tries to take his farm away. At the same time, the attraction to her is immediate. 

Will Vivienne let love win and risk her job and succumb to the handsome dairy farmer?

Can Daniel forgive Vivienne for trying to take his livelihood away?

Duffy’s Thoughts On Unexpected Delivery

I’ve been in a bit of a reading slummp recently. Pushing myself through a couple that took a couple of weeks to knock over, when usually I read one a week. I was book fatigued. Unexpected Delivery pulled me out of that reading slump. I was immeditely engaged in the story and completed the book in two sittings. I loved both the main characters who were supported by a solid supporting cast and written with heart and commitment to detailing the working life of small town Australian farmers.

Vivienne Greene has a backstory all her own.  She is far from a lonely city woman who falls for a handsome farmer. Daniel Beckett is far more than a hot farmer looking for love and beautiful wife. These two main characters have real issues which are relatable not only ona personal level, but a national one too, making this a wonderful piece of Australian fiction.

If you’re a fan of Jenn J McLeod, Annie Seaton, Rachael Richey or Ellie O’Neill you will love Unexpected Deliviery.  I cannot wait to read Leanne Lovegroves next romance fiction!

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unexpected delivery book review

Insightful Interview with author Leanne Lovegrove

As an author and navigating the world of publishing, what would be your top 3 tips for authors promoting a book?
  1. Be brave, confident and talk to everyone you know about the book and its release. Generate some excitement about it and have an ‘elevator’ pitch about your book so you can describe it to anyone in under 60 seconds.
  2. Social media has such a far reach and without saturating people with selfies of your new book, post as much and as often as you can but provide followers with information about or behind the book.  Share your inspirations and a little about you too. As a new writer it has been wonderful to meet and be embraced by readers and other authors via social media platforms who become a great network.
  3. Seek out advice from those who have published before and be guided by their experiences of what worked and didn’t. It’s always best to avoid making a mistake someone else has already made!
I love that you kept Vivienne’s independent spirit. With some romance fiction, the woman is nothing without a handsome strong man to sweep her off her feet. With Unexpected Delivery it’s almost the other way around. Was that a concious decision?
Yes! It was. I really wanted a strong, independent heroine who didn’t need a man and because of her background, and consciously chose not to be in a relationship. However, it was lovely to watch her soften and grow, develop and learn so that she could be strong and independent but still allow herself to fall in love.
The sensitive subject of the financial struggles of Australian farmers is topical. Did you draw your inspriation for the story from the news, or did you have more direct knowledge of the struggles that befall rural Australian communities.
I drew my inspiration from the news. Whilst my town is fictional, I live not too far from small communities that do experience those difficulties. I heard about a local farm that was producing its milking differently, read about the struggles they experienced and knew it would be great for a story.
Estelle is a character I loved to hate! Do you ever become enraged at your own characters when writing them?
Yes, all the time. But writing these types of villains is so much fun!
What’s next for Leanne Lovegrove?
I am editing my next book and I still have a lot of work to do before it will be ready. It’s another contemporary romance, but in an urban setting this time and involves a sweet teacher who falls for the wrong guy! There might be some bikies in there too.
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