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He Said She Said – Who can you ever really trust?

*Repost* Eclipse themed thriller!

Laura and Kit meet at uni, and it’s evident that this is a love to last a lifetime. Kit and his brother Mac are running a tea stall at a music festival where eclipse chasers mingle with festival-goers to watch the phenomenon of a solar eclipse. Eclipse chasing is something Kit, his twin Mac, and their father have always shared.

Young lovers Kit and Laura look at the eclipse together, away from the crowds. A real moment, a connection. As they wander back to the buzzing throng of the festival Laura spots a purse on the floor. She picks it up and follows the scattered coins, only to witness something horrific. She stumbles onto a brutal attack.

Fast forward 15years and Kit and Laura are not what they were, they have spent 15years living in abject fear. No social media, no photos, frequently changing addresses and numbers. What happened 15years ago to cause such trauma, and who, if anyone, is telling the truth?

What did I think?

Erin Kelly has her detail and pace on point with He Said She Said. The London-based author of Broadchurch The Novel which was inspired by the highly successful ITV series, shows her sharp thriller skills with He Said She Said. There are many layers and threads in this book, and Erin manages to tie them up in neat little stitches which link the past to the present. The pace gives you time to absorb the characters, and the situations, all the while suspense and a sense of foreboding grow inside you as you read. With the turn of each page, the sky gets a little darker, and your heart races a little faster. No one shakes the air of suspicion.

The plot following lunar eclipse events around the world is a smart one and gives the characters a chance to get out of London and end up in unexpected places with a valid excuse. I also thought the parts of the book split into first through to fourth contact (eclipse terms) was a brilliant way to re-enforce the theme which works just perfectly for the characters and the events that turn the lives of the main characters upside down.

The satisfaction comes as the clues start to gradually fall into place and the years 1999 and 2015 draw closer and closer together. Who is telling the truth, who needs to lie and who has everything to lose?

Who Should Read He Said She Said?

I can’t fault this book. I audibly gasped at a couple of the plot twists, and they come when you least expect it, even from a suspense/thriller book junkie like myself.

If you like smart suspense and like to work for your reward, then this book is for you. Intelligent, original and engrossing.

If you enjoyed The Girl Before, Find Me and Gone Girl you will devour He Said She Said

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5 stars. Awesome.