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Spreading My Freelance Wings Is Starting A Bit Rubbish!

I’ve been working for a small number of clients for a while now, one of my most recent ones is Australian owned and operated Elka Imports.  Elka are the rock n roll face of garbage bags!  I started off creating some blog posts which has now evolved into a broader scope of work.  It’s been really interesting for me to go back to my marketing roots, and I will be working on further content,  press releases, and online initiatives such as getting wonderful blogs such as Beauty and Lace consumer reviews on board for a callout.

The milestone moment of my first link up for Elka is here and I wanted to share it with you guys.  Yes, garbage bags aren’t the most glamorous product in the world, but hey, we all use them. From large industrial ones for construction sites and gardening to general waste, recycling and desk bins (which are perfect for bathrooms btw), Elka has a bulk range which can save you up to 40% which is a great saving on wholesale online orders.  Ideal if you run a small business, or have a large family!  They even do dog waste bags too.

Beauty and Lance Consumer Review Link – Elka

I would be wholeheartedly grateful if you could click on the review link above, have a quick read, then like or share this post (or comment on the link).  I look forward to sharing my struggles, challenges, and wins as I spread my freelance wings and offer wider marketing support and strategy. I’ve been working recently with the team on a character which has been fun, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, if you want to buy the product you can here, and remember, bag it and bin it!