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Five years ago, Rosa walked to Cromer pier in the dead of night. She looked into the dark swirling water below, and she jumped. She was a brilliant young Cambridge student who had just lost her father. Her death was tragic, but not unexpected. Was that what really happened? The coroner says it was. But Rosa’s boyfriend Jar can’t let go. He hallucinates, seeing Rosa everywhere – a face on the train, a distant figure on the hillside. He is obsessed with proving that she is still alive. And then he gets an email. Find me, Jar. Find me, before they do…

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Find Me begins five years after Rosa’s disappearance and apparent suicide. Jar, a handsome young Irish writer, and Rosa’s short term, yet deeply connected partner is still coming to terms with what happened to the love of his life. Was Rosa depressed and struggling to comes to terms with the death of her father? Would she really end her life? Is he really still seeing her, or is it bereavement hallucinations?

Jar needs help, and he needs answers, and it’s this search for closure that leads him on a layered, intricate pursuit for the truth, however horrible to bear. Helping him to come to terms with the loss is his best friend Carl, Rosa’s fragile aunt Amy, her husband Martin, his attractive therapist, and a journalist with a keen interest in the case of missing Rosa.

What Did I Think?

Author J.S. Monroe takes you on a suspenseful, thrilling ride which builds in tension and pace. The short chapters add to the feeling of urgency as the book heads to its ominous conclusion and Monroe draws on his experience as a journalist and his time at Cambridge to give Find Me credibility and depth. Monroe also has a gift of giving each character a distinct voice which had me hooked in for the ride, and I felt there was a slight channeling of Stieg Larsson which is no bad comparison. Those that read my blog will know that I often guess the twist or ending in the thrillers I read, but this one had me until the final chapters, and I was all the better for the reveal.

I read this book over two nights and was so gripped I had to force myself to put it down. Find Me has an original plot and topical subject matter wrapped up tight in a dark, sinister layer of intrigue.

If you liked…

Find Me is for lovers of smart suspense and thrillers. If you loved Gone Girl, Deadly Messengers, The Girl On The Train or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, you’re in for a treat.

Harper Collins provided this book for an honest review in conjunction with Beauty & Lace Bookclub.

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3.5 out of 5 from me

About The Author

J.S. Monroe read English at Cambridge, worked as a freelance journalist in London and was a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4. Monroe, the author of five other novels, was also a foreign correspondent in Delhi for the Daily Telegraph and was on its staff in London as Weekend editor.