Finding Dory Review

Lets kick off this review by firstly making you feel very old! Did you know Finding Nemo was released thirteen years ago? All those kids are now grown up and it’s time for the next wave to dive under the sea with Pixar with Finding Dory. Cue an epic adventure with Nemo and Marlin to find Dory’s long lost parents and save them from captivity.

Pixar still has that secret magic formula to create colourful, wonderful movies full of fun and feelings, which time after time produce bankable franchises. Just like Colonel Sanders has the secret recipe for damn good fried chicken, these guys have the recipe for box office success. Or do they?

Whilst Finding Dory is action packed and has loveable and frequently forgetful Blue Tang Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) at the helm, and a solid group of supporting friends (my favourite by far was Ed O’Neill as Hank the Octopus), there seems to be a little something missing. Maybe the storyline is a little too contrived, even for talking fish, or have we all moved on from 13 years ago?

There are certainly plenty of animated movies coming out in 2016, which are hot on the heels of Pixar and I think that’s a good thing. I’m always one for healthy competition; it keeps the creatives sharp and the film distributors honest (ish). However, it seems that although there isn’t quite the same magic as Finding Nemo, Pixar still has it. Tickets sales prove that Pixar is still the Prince of animation and Finding Dory is fending off both Tarzan and Independence Day 2 at the box office.

Finding Dory is still an upstanding family movie and the kids will not be disappointed at all. It’s a tale of family, adventure, fun and friendship, with a couple of laughs for the adults too. Your only problem will be talking them out of the tropical fish tank they will want for Christmas!


3 out of 5 from me