When you get a good writing tip, share it!

I saw a Facebook post from The Clever Copywriting School about converting text to speech to help with editing long documents.

Today, I set myself with a lovely Aussie guy called Lee, who reads my words back to me in a smooth, newsreader voice.  I have a large writing gig on the horizon and I have found that by listening to Lee, I can pick up missing commas and repeated words which do not show themselves to me when I read them on the screen.

You can change the voices to different accents if you get bored, or if you are working for a client outside of Australia.

Damn you pesky typos!

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It really works and would recommend to any writer who has a lot on their plate. Hit the link below for the tutorial.

Thank you Clever Copywriting School! You’ve improved my writing game!  It’s the best writing tip I’ve come across in along time.