This is a nod to my favourite SNL characters Wayne and Garth, who became a huge part of  life for any teenager living in the Western world in 1992 (I can tell you, Frimley hit fever pitch fandom!).

In ’92 I sported an exceptional range of denim in a range of blues, washes and even floral prints, making it a fabric for any social occasion.  Pair that with a heavily moussed, blonde spiral perm (settle down lads!) and I was in my teenage prime when Wayne’s World hit.  I used to skip class (sorry pops), and went to various mates houses when we knew their mum’s would be out; We watched the movies, ate Cheetos, drank White Lightning and generally became a little group of slackers for the summer. Good times!

I pulled out far too many ‘schwiiings’, ‘party on’ and shamefully ‘we’re not worthy’. I ate red rope licorice whilst flogging the lines of the movie to death (sorry again pops) and spent hours in my room listening to the sound track which introduced my ears to Queen and Hendrix, even though I could never get the graphic equalizer quite right on my Midi-Hi-Fi.

Watching the movies now takes me back to an innocent, very funny, very awkard time of my life with a tight little bunch equally weird and awkward friends, trying to clumsily lurch into adulthood.

Thanks SNL!

Benjamin is nobody’s friend.  If Benjamin were an ice cream flavour, he’d be pralines and dick.’ Garth Algar