William meets the love of his life, Ivy. They are a couple before they even go on a date. He doesn’t know the tiniest of details about his beautifully scarred, enigmatic lover. Who is her favourite Beatle? What was the name of her first pet? What is her middle name? The bombshells seem to come up before the little things have time to catch up and be heard. Will they make it?

Andy Jones has taken the time to write such detailed moments; the tiny movements and body language, tones in an argument and descriptions of uncomfortable silences give the characters of William and Ivy ‘life’. Some of the smart arsed, instantly regrettable comments and brutal break ups hit a raw nerve with me and past relationships of my own were brought sharply back into focus. This book is by no means a soft, lovey dovey romance, it is real, right down to toilet habits, expensive groceries and sex lives. If you loved The Notebook, then this book may not be for you. However, if you enjoyed watching Cold Feet, This Life or Offspring, then The Two Of Us will suit you just fine.

I couldn’t fault this book, I started reading it yesterday and didn’t put it down until this morning when I finished. It resonated with me during the incredibly sad times and cringeworthingly awkward moments and felt that William had such a ‘normalness’. I would definitely have a pint or two with him.

It’s not what happens when two people fall in love, it’s what happens after.

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