The opening chapter immediately gripping as we enter Hades world at the moment he has two, bloodied, troubled toddlers delivered to his ‘dump’. Hades makes the decision to keep these two dark eyed, chilling babies and take them on as his own by teaching them the ways of the underworld. Was it an act of kindness? Or a huge mistake?

I spent most nights wide awake in the dark, bathed by the ice blue light of my iPad as I immersed myself in the compelling lives of Hades and his children Eden and Eric. The story fast forwards 20 years after Hades Archer received his bundled up deliveries and follows the hunt by a Sydney crime squad for a serial killer with a difference. The ‘Dexter’ style murders have a surprising twist which I won’t reveal here but the perpetrator (s) are extremely disturbing, dark and smart. In fact they make Patrick Bateman from American Psycho seem like a great choice for a babysitter.

The lives of Eric, Eden and their new counterpart Frank Bennet intertwine and almost choke each other at times. The pace is constantly moving as we shadow Sydney cop Frank in his investigations which reveal chilling clues while tensions build along the way. In most books, supporting characters are there as a back drop for the main story but these ‘extras’  which appear through the book have a life and backstory independent of the main characters which builds real intrigue and shines a light on the not always so loving ‘human spirit’.

If I was to ask one thing, it would be to know more about Hades Archer himself, how did he get where he was in life, how did it end for him, why did I almost feel for him at times? All which hopefully will become clear in the much anticipated sequel.

This is a seat of your pants book which has disturbing, extremely clever characters who chill your bones and stay with you long after the book has finished. A sure fire book hangover will be yours with Hades by Candice Fox.