I posted this blog for a client a, but wanted to share the details of a neat little show which any Lego fan living in Sydney should go and see! A great little exhibition to take the kids to after watching the much anticipated movie.



The Sydney Brick Show may not sound the most exciting place you will ever go, but this one is actually fun for whole family! LEGO was an iconic and much loved toy for every child of the 80’s and has lost none of its charm and appeal for kids today.

This is a show for bricks on a small, colourful and creative scale! Artists, Lego professionals and kids all enter the competitions at an event which is growing in popularity. Last year over 25,000 people went to the show and this year aims to be bigger and better. With all sorts of categories and amazing sculptures, works of art and Lego scenes to enjoy. Who would have thought these tiny plastic bricks would cause such a stir in Sydney!

This years Sydney Brick Show will be on from 24-27 April at Lower Town Hall Event Space in Sydney City. A great way to while away a rainy afternoon and it is sure to have kids and adults alike inspired and put big smiles on lots of faces.

The Lego built properties may even inspire you to fix up your garden wall or pave a nice new garden path. Cheap As Bricks can offer you some secondhand, recycled bricks to create your very own life size masterpiece!