Is it just me?  Am I the selfie Grinch?  I’m not sure, but I really feel worried and sad for the selfie obsessed people of this world.

Is it healthy to desperately post photos of yourself just to get validation and likes from people you probably never see in person from one year to the next?  Is it healthy to create this need to be liked, the need to hear paper thin compliments to get through the day?

Would you go up to your mates, strike a duckface pose right in their personal space and say ‘new lipgloss, feeling sexy’.  Would you call a friend on the phone to tell them that you’ve just been to the gym and sms them a photo of your body parts in lycra?  I really don’t get it and find it all a little bit heartbreaking.

There is something very empty about posting a selfie of yourself looking pensive, staring off into the distance and quoting Marilyn Monroe.  Where are the strong, confident, intelligent, smart women that aren’t desperate for attention?   Where are the teachers, the role models.. where is the sisterhood, the knowledge, the self empowerment?

From a work perspective too, how are young women that shamelessly selfie themselves supposed to be taken seriously?  If a client sees you taking a photo of yourself while driving, or pouting like a fish on your bed are you really going to reach that senior management position or place on the board as your career progresses?

Come on ladies.. lets try and be more, let’s not post photos of ourselves displaying new hair extensions, ridiculous eyebrows or a fake tan for fake compliments.  Reach out for more, use your social networking for good, for respect, and lets not become a generation of fragile, needy, vain, insecure women that need to be told they are beautiful by strangers. You should know that you already are quite beautiful just as you are.