Here is a sample draft of the opening of my next book for children.  It’s called Koshin and the Cow.  Enjoy!


Koshin stepped out the front door, eyes blinking as they adjusted to the hot bright morning sun.  The heat burned instantly on the back of his neck as he bent  down to pick up his shoes from the front step.  He felt something watching him. He froze, and looked up slowly.

There it was again.

Huge big black eyes, as shiny as the buttons on Bapa’s best jacket stared right at Koshin. Frozen still, Koshin stared right back as long as he could. It felt like forever.

“Koshin!, Koshin! Hurry yourself!” Mata’s calls shattered the stare. Koshin jumped, turned and looked back into the house where Mata’s voice was coming from. When he turned back it was gone.

“Koshin! Did you hear me? You must hurry, why do you daydream so?”

“I wasn’t daydreaming Mata” Koshin scowled. Why do people always think he is daydreaming. “It was the Cow”.

Koshin turned back to his shoes. Bending down in a temper he began to wiggle his heel in into the shoe.  Mata would tell him off if she saw him putting on his shoes without undoing the laces first. Koshin didn’t care.

“There are a million cows in Varanasi.” Mata spoke loudly as she walked  through the small cluttered kitchen towards her son.  “Everywhere.  There are more cows  than people I am sure of it; in the alleys, in the streets, on the train platforms, eating the garbage, stopping traffic.  If only there really was this magnificent majestic cow for our family.” As Mata ushered Koshin into the street she tried to keep a calm voice.  She was sure Koshin just wanted what they all wanted.

Mata pulled Koshin close, stroking his hair and patting the top of his back.  Nuzzled in Mata’s Sari Koshin muttered “Not like that one Mata, not like that one”.  He broke away, wiped away a tear of frustration and began his walk into the heart of the ancient city of Varanasi.

koshin and the cow image