If you are one of the unlucky ones who have to go into the office or do a shift on the Friday after Anzac day (like myself) then I am here to help.  Think of me as your Michael Langdon from Highway to Heaven, sent to see you on the right path to recovery.

angel mike

You may say to yourself and your friends that you are ‘going to take it easy’.  That you are ‘just having three schooners and then heading home because you have to go into work tomorrow’.  Stop it.  We all see through your tissue of lies.

You will soon enough get caught up mateship, in banter, probably some singing and drink lots of schooners bought by mates and strangers in pubs and RSL’s right across Australia.  But that’s ok!  Learn something from a military man, be humbled by stories of an old digger and savour that first crisp beer from a fresh keg.


Just make sure you head out today and buy yourself some Hairy Lemon.  Two of those in a glass of water the day after will stop the nervous feeling, stop your stomach spinning like a coin in a game of 2 up and get your head back in the game long enough to see you through your shift.  You may even feel fresh enough to pull up for Friday night.

So for once, be honest with yourself about your ANZAC public holiday and get yourself prepared!