So, those of you that follow me know that I paid $65 to attend a networking event as a deterrent for bolting, because i’m a cowardy custard…….

I bottled out of the last one (which was free) and completely lost my nerve, so I thought if I pay $65 it will force me to go and it worked!  So off I went last night to the Networx blogging event held in Sydney.


I felt very nervous, small and inadequate walking into the echoing, large function room.  I scoured for my  name badge and felt relief when I was told I could claim a free wine at the bar, so I immediately set off to collect a large glass of dutch courage.  Glass of red in hand I hovered awkwardly behind the main throng of people.  I was just about to make a rookie networking error by grabbing my phone to answer a message (or failing that play 4pics 1 word) when a young woman from ‘marketing’ introduced herself with an equally nervous smile.  Just after that a guy came over and introduced himself as a writer and got me chatting to another group of people.  I’m very grateful to him for guiding me and showing me some great tips on how to join in when you are on your own. I even made a few contacts and handed out a few business cards!

The event itself was a panel discussion which I found extremely interesting and useful.  I thought I would share some (not all) of the key tips I learned from the event.  Some new things I learned and some things I just needed to remember.  If you think you want to know more, head along to the next event!

Tips for a good Blog

Keep the Quality.  Don’t sell your soul or spread your topics or themes too thinly just to gain likes and follows.  Keep your audience targeted and engaged and they will stay faithful


Think about your headlines and the images you use.  There is no point having the best blog post of your life online when no-one stops to read it.


Think about your platform.  Is it WordPress? Blogspot?  Think about what you want to get from it and the pros and cons for each platform.  For example Google owns your content on blogspot, and may not have the plug-ins you need.


Its all about balance.  A good blog has a balance of viewpoint, chosen business or topic and a dash of personal life.  Your audience need to relate, resonate and feel like they know your ‘voice’.  Only then will they trust what you write.


If you are writing about a product or service you must believe in it.  If you don’t, leave the job alone.  Your readers will tell if you are truly passionate and if you don’t believe in a product or service why should they?


Fewer comments recently?  Don’t feel defeated.  Most people use a smartphone or an Ipad for example to read blogs and posting a comment is often times too hard.  So look to other social media to find your love through likes, shares, follows and retweets.


If you found this interesting, maybe think about attending an event local to you or the next one held by Networx.

Hopefully you will notice my blog improve, expand and reach more people very soon, if you have any tips to share I would love to hear them!