I have been nominated for a versatile blogger award!  I was so excited to get the notification and then I realised.  I actually have no idea what the award is and what it means.


I thought could it be part of a Nigerian email scam?  Or a chain mail?  Or maybe its just a nice a way for bloggers to give other bloggers a pat on the back? Either way, I shall accept the award gracefully. Thank you to The Dissocial Mum for nominating me!

Apparently there are terms and conditions if I accept the award (however there seems to be no physical award, trophy or cash prize forthcoming) and I am meant to do the following:-

Rules for the Versatile Blogger
1.Display the award logo on your blog. Tick!
2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. Done!
3. State 7 things about yourself.  See below
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award. 15!  This has to be a chain mail…. I have nominated my top 3 instead.
5. Notify these bloggers of the nominations by linking back to one of their specific blog posts so they get notified back. Done!

7 things about Duffy

Someone told me this week that my blog is a little light on actual writing from myself so I have taken the versatile blogger award opportunity to share a few words and little known things about me.

1. Worst insult I have ever received.   I was an awkward nerdy teenager, pre-braces, lanky legs, wearing wonky spectacles and was at Blackbush Market in my home town walking past the gruff greengrocers stall with my sister.  As I walked past he shouted ‘Cooorrr!! Great great figure!’  I felt my cheeks blush and thought “Wow I am beautiful to someone!!” I turned and beamed a goofy smile back at him. He responded with a deafening cockney Greengrocer accent which carried throughout the whole market. “JESUS!!!!  BODY LIKE BAYWATCH FACE LIKE CRIMEWATCH!”

I was crushed to bits.

It’s moments like that which cement my insecurities forevermore.  Although you have to admire the phrase, it’s pretty funny.. I guess…

2. Waikiki is my happy place and Nashville’s is my favourite bar in all the world.

3. I will try for a 3rd year to get my book together and complete.

4. After a tough, heartbreaking start to 2013, I quietly know i’m going to be ok and happy.

5.  I miss my sister terribly every single day (she’s not dead, just in England)

6. I’ve seen the The Reader more times than any other movie.  Its my most favourite. Ralph Fiennes is amazing.

7. I have a laugh like Woody Woodpecker.  Great at parties, not so great at funerals.

My Nominees!

1. Break Room Stories.  Anonymous posts from waiters and servers about other waiters and servers, funny situations and weird customers.  Most of us have worked hospitality as teenagers or for some extra cash and can relate to these posts.  Enjoy!

2. Cristian Mihai.  Interesting blog from a writer.  I always read his posts and he seems to like mine so he must be a great guy right?

3. Sara Purr Tattoo.  I may love words, but I love great art too, particularly ink on skin  and never get tired of looking at these amazing designs.

So, versatile blogger duties have been completed and I can officially take the title (I think…..)